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©AP / Tom Hanks
© AP / Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks nervous over Broadway debut


Tom Hanks is convinced he will forget his lines on the opening night of his Broadway play. The star is making his Broadway debut in Nora Ephron's "Lucky Guy," which opens at Manhattan's Broadhurst Theatre on Monday night.

He has been appearing in previews of the play over the last month, but is still worried about forgetting his lines. Hanks tells the New York Post, "Am I nervous? God, yes. Nothing but nerves. The heart starts beating. You get more wired, but you can't allow yourself fear. That's a disaster scenario. Like, if your brain takes an unfortunate left turn and it's ... 'What's that line?' Of course, it'll happen you forget. You have to trust. Somebody'll give you a nod or throw you a cue."

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Hanks also reveals he has been spending up to 10 hours rehearsing and can't quite get used to his new schedule. He adds, "Working onstage is very physical. The rehearsal process, not just memorizing, the task of learning the play is 10 hours a day. Moving your body into place requires stamina. In performance, you learn to sleep late, decompress, exercise, eat lightly and early. Helen Hunt told me, 'You must have dinner at 5:15.' 5:15!"

Apr 1, 2013 8:02AM

Hanks is a good and decent man, a talented actor, loving husband, father and all around good guy.

No scandals, no infidelity, he's generous and funny. Humble and in love with his wife of a few decades.

I think he's just the kind of guy we all should be emulating in every day life. Simply put, he's a good human being.

Apr 1, 2013 8:13AM
 I don't understand, I only see two comments on this post about Tom and both very negative.  Tom has done a lot of movies and series, I've followed Tom hanks for some time watching him, I grew up with him in my life so to speak.  What I don't understand that he's downed for having worries on his performance in a play.  I'm a welder that fabricates metal, and I get nervous every time I build something because I'm not sure if the client will like it or not.  Tom is a professional, and though I've never meet the man I'm sure he is very nice and pleasant to be around.  Why knock a guy for doing his best.  Maybe it is that you have grown old with Tom that your just tired of hearing him, so what, but to call him a "has been".  What does that accomplish other than you get to bash someone for doing something you can not do yourself.  Let the man do his thing and you do yours.  Tom, you just  keep entertaining us with your acting, I know you'll do just fine, and I'm sure that the play will do just fine too.
Apr 1, 2013 8:07AM

Both of you are Asses Tom Hanks is an American Icon who is so good at  his job that he can make a 3 hour movie staring him and a volleyball and still make 20 million. 


Apr 1, 2013 8:19AM
Message to Tom:  My husband and I are avid fans.  If you slip, adlib, only a few will know because you are a pro.  Just give it your best shot til you get it down, but most of all, don't allow yourself to get "wrapped around the axle" to the point of effecting your health.  Your fans will be there in the background supporting you so do what you do go get into your character and you will be fine! 
Apr 1, 2013 8:07AM

He is the best part of play.  He keeps your attention on how he progresses thru the journalism field in an interesting way, that we normally don't think of!!  The fellow actors that support him are great too!

That is what makes the play successful!  It kept my attention thru out the play!

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