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Mark Wahlberg wants church clean-up after sex scandal
Mark Wahlberg hopes the sex abuse scandal which has rocked the Catholic Church in recent years will lead to a "clean-up" because offenders need "to be dealt with and addressed". The Fighter star, who is a devout Catholic, is adamant his faith has never wavered despite the emergence of allegations of child abuse by priests which have dominated headlines, and Wahlberg wants Church officials to ensure a line is drawn under the scandal. He tells the Sydney Morning Herald, "I'm just glad that it's all coming to light so we can clean up the church so these things aren't happening any more. These are horrible things. Paedophiles or what have you hiding behind the cloth needs to be dealt with and addressed. But my faith will never waver because of people who are weak in the flesh." Wahlberg adds of his religious lifestyle, "Being a Catholic and also being a husband and a parent definitely makes me think a little bit longer and harder about the (movie) choices I make, but being an artist I've got to be able to have the freedom to try things that I want to do. So I just weigh those decisions up. Everything comes in to play."
Mar 27, 2013 11:35AM
They'll never clean up until they take their eyes off the Pope and focus on Jesus Christ.
Mar 25, 2013 1:09PM

nothing is ever going to change because the good ole boys are guilty too and they don't want to do something to the new pedifiles in the church that should have been done to them, so they cover it up and prey no one notices them.

there is something that can be done but no one really wants to know so it won't get done, every child in the catholic church needs to be given a class on what is and is not allowed in or out of church, by a stranger or by a priest and  this must not be done by a priest but by people from the community who 

are qualified to to do this and every parent needs to have long talks with their children about these  things , not to scare them but to make sure everyone understands and if things are going on don't be afraid to take it up with the civil authorities, not the church, we know the church will just relocate the pedophile to another area to protect them and they will just continue to prey on other kids    

Apr 1, 2013 4:00PM
Who cares, Religion is for the weak, simple minded,..etc.. We do not need some books written thousands of years ago, to tell us what is right! We know we shouldn`t kill or molest little kids! But the ones who do, were not stopped by religion! So what does religion prove? Forty plus years, I haven`t seen a good example! I like Mark but he is blowing up the wrong pipe!
Mar 21, 2013 8:39PM

Mark, the catholic church is not going to clean up anything until parishioners like you demand that it be cleaned up. That will take thousands of you standing outside the Vatican demanding that change takes place every single day. Since you are a public catholic figure, maybe you can start the way. Until then, nothing will change until 10 boys have been molested and drowned at sea by priest so the boys won't tell and then the public will suddenly be outraged.

Mar 25, 2013 6:25AM
LOL to both Mark and Milton....If the Catholic Church has ignored GOD and his principles on this matter for untold centuries....what makes you think they will care what you think?  They are already listing reasons it shouldn't be called a crime.  That's not the voice of someone willing to change.
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