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©AP / James Franco
© AP / James Franco
James Franco filmed rap video for movie inspiration


James Franco used time the he spent with the rapper who influenced his gangster thug character in his new film "Spring Breakers" to shoot a music video.

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The actor was introduced to Florida-based Russ 'Dangeruss' Curry by "Spring Breakers" director Harmony Korine, who based Franco's hard-living character, Alien, on Curry's alter-ego -- and they got along famously.

Dangeruss allowed Franco and Korine to use his track "Hangin With Da Dopeboys" in the movie, and, in return, the actor suggested they shoot a video for the tune.

"Danger and I rapped onstage together for the film," Franco told "It was a rush. We had an audience of hundreds on the beach ... It was my first live rap appearance. He led me through. I felt like a gangster. I didn't want the relationship with Dangeruss to end, so I asked him if I could film him for a video."

Said Franco: "I liked the idea of shooting him doing his daily routine -- simple and autobiographical like his music. He watched basketball, he drove over to his friend's house, they smoked blunts, they freestyled. Later, I flew Dangeruss to L.A., and we filmed more in the old movie palace downtown where Chaplin's City Lights had premiered. He was epic. This video is the result."

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