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Gary Busey warned to behave ahead of Oscars night


Gary Busey has been warned to be on his best behavior at an upcoming Oscar night bash on Sunday following previous run-ins with fellow celebrity party-goers.

The stars will be out in force in Hollywood on Sunday as the town hosts its biggest event of the year, the Academy Awards, and a series of glitzy parties are held so the industry can toast the ceremony's big winners.

Sports agent Norby Walters throws the Night of 100 Stars gathering, and he has already reached out to Busey to ensure he does not act up at the bash --or he'll face a lifetime ban.

Walters tells the New York Daily News, "I called him at his house last week and told him, 'Be warned, if you get a bit nutsy (crazy), you will get kicked out.'

"He's not a bad guy, just nutsy. It's just that he growls and barks. I warned him if you growl, get in anybody's face and if you have anything other than a nice chat, then you will never be invited back again. 'Here's the deal: The hotel says they will not tolerate your bulls**t. So sit there and enjoy hanging out with your old friends.'"

Feb 23, 2013 10:23AM
i would love for Garry 2 come 2 my party and bark at my guest.thats my type of peeps.the rest are stuck it Garry give them hell!!
Mar 2, 2013 12:00PM
.i know that he has some mntal issues from his wrfeck-I just hope that he learns to keep  his mouth in control.  I cannot handle watching him and he may feel the same about me--he is not amusing or cute at all--I'll put him,Trump and Kanye in the same space shuttle.
Feb 23, 2013 10:21AM
if i was him i would show up and trash the place after there comment went public!!do it Garry trash the place and drop pants walk around  butt **** naked!!
Feb 25, 2013 1:23PM

I've liked Busey for many years and I thought he was very good in "Lethal Weapon" as Joshua, a hard core thug.  Some fight with Mel Gibson as Riggs in the end! 

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