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©AP / Mark Hamill
© AP / Mark Hamill
Mark Hamill: We're in talks about 'Star Wars' return


The original Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill, has confirmed he and Harrison Ford are in talks to reprise their sci-fi heroes for the new "Star Wars" film, revealing franchise creator George Lucas insisted the iconic characters should be killed off if the actors didn't want to be a part of "Episode VII."

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Hamill reveals Lucas told him of his plans to sell "Star Wars" to executives at Disney, and their proposals to continue the epic movie series, before the movie mogul announced the trade last year. And Lucas told his actor pal he wanted him back on screen, alongside Ford and Carrie Fisher -- if he wished to be a part of the new J.J. Abrams-directed film.

"They're talking to us," Hamill told Entertainment Tonight. "George wanted to know whether we'd be interested. He did say that if we didn't want to do it, they wouldn't cast another actor in our parts -- they would write us out. We haven't signed any contracts. We're in the stage where they want us to go in and meet with Michael Arndt, who is the writer, and Kathleen Kennedy, who is going to run Lucasfilm. Both have had meetings set that were postponed."

Prior to that meeting, Hamill can only guess how screenwriter Arndt will use his character. "I'm assuming, because I haven't talked to the writers, that these movies would be about our offspring -- like my character would be sort of in the Obi-Wan (Kenobi) range," he said. "I'm going to be a lonely old hermit living out in some kind of desert igloo with a couple of robots."

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