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©AP / Connie Britton
© AP / Connie Britton
Connie Britton: 'Jerry Maguire' role was almost mine


Actress Connie Britton missed out on playing Tom Cruise's love interest in "Jerry Maguire," despite winning over casting directors at her audition.

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The 45-year-old "Friday Night Lights" star was ready for her breakout movie role in the Cameron Crowe film, but the director picked Renee Zellweger as his leading lady instead. She tells the New York Times Sunday Magazine that Crowe assured her she was perfect for the role after she auditioned with Cruise, but the director explained he had one more young actress to screen test.

"It was heartbreak," Britton said. "Maybe I was too tall."

Feb 14, 2013 10:45AM
too strong and sexy is probably the reason...that is one beautiful woman! And no wall flower potential victim.
Feb 14, 2013 11:46AM
And why is this news almost 2 decades later?
Feb 14, 2013 11:00AM
I think Zellweger was the one for that role.  Don't know why Britton wasn't choosen for the sister, though.
Feb 14, 2013 11:58AM

Oh ....I don't think telling someone the story of losing the role necessarily means she can't get over it or isn't over it. You mean to tell me you never mention or talk about things that happened throughout your life to people even things that happened years ago??/ Cause I sure do.....has nothing to do with not being over's just called making conversation...LOL..did you ever consider that maybe the interviewer asked her about it??

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