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©AP / Dakota Fanning
© AP / Dakota Fanning
Dakota Fanning to play a convicted baby killer


Dakota Fanning is set to play a baby killer in acclaimed documentary filmmaker Amy Berg's upcoming movie.

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Fanning and Australian actress Danielle MacDonald will portray two young friends imprisoned for murder at the age of 11. Berg's film, based on Laura Lippman's 1994 novel, "Every Secret Thing," will pick up the pair's story seven years after their conviction. Announcing the casting on Thursday, the film's producers state, "Upon their release, children start to go missing; as the police turn their attention to the duo, the mystery surrounding the original murder comes back to light."

Diane Lane will play Fanning's mother in the film, while Elizabeth Banks will portray a police officer.

Feb 8, 2013 10:44AM
why are they even making a movie about that. People shouldnt watch such awful things lol
Feb 8, 2013 11:33AM
When I first read the headline I thought they were talking about Casey Anthony.  Thank goodness I was wrong.
Every parents nightmare is entertainment?? What the hell is wrong with society now days?
Feb 8, 2013 2:17PM
OMG you mean to tell me that they are actually making a movie about women who kill kids? No way. And the film industry is allowing this? You mean this actually happens ( sarcasm ). I thought only devious MEN do that sort of thing at least that's what I've been LED to believe anyway. To think that 60% of abuse and neglect of children are at the hands of a woman.
Feb 20, 2013 9:03AM
Ack!  This was small potatoes compared to those lovely Texas women...Andrea Yates and Susan Smith.  And I'm  from Texas.  Makes me ashamed.  Don't slam Dakota...she's trying to expand  (think Charlize and a psychotic beyoch, and the transformation she had to do).  At least Elle is staying within her age-frame, unlike her sister did, at a younger age.
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