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©AP / Bradley Cooper
© AP / Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper cherishes father's cameo in 'The A-Team'


Actor Bradley Cooper cherishes the time he spent making "The A-Team" because his father shot a bit part for the film before he died.

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Charles Cooper lost his battle with cancer in January 2011, at the age of 71, and his death devastated the Oscar nominee. But Cooper will always have something to remember him by after landing his dad a cameo in the 2010 action movie. He tells Katie Couric, "Joe Carnahan, the director of 'The A-Team,' he came up with this idea that when we were getting court-martialed [in the] admirals court, one of the admirals was Joe's father and then my father and then an actor. And of course Joe's father and my father just kept talking. [They] improvised the hell out of the scene. ... The camera guy's like, 'What's happening right now?'"

Couric then aired a clip of Charles' scene, and the actor struggled to remain composed, adding, "He was very sick then. ... He was such a huge Irishman, and I always remember his wrists were so thick, and then seeing that cancer's a hell of a disease. It's incredible how it transformed him."

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