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©AP / Robert Redford
© AP / Robert Redford
Robert Redford addresses movie violence at Sundance


Robert Redford opened his famed Sundance Film Festival in Utah this week by addressing the topic of gun control and urging other filmmakers to reconsider the way violence is depicted on the big screen.

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The star launched the 2013 event on Thursday, just days after President Barack Obama announced plans to tighten America's gun laws in the aftermath of the Newtown, Conn., school shooting. Debate has since raged over whether gun violence in movies has an impact on impressionable audiences, and Redford has now spoken out to urge filmmakers to think more carefully about their work.

During a press conference on Thursday, he told reporters, "I'm thinking back [to] when we started Sundance, back in 1980, and I remember, Reagan was shot at that same year. I remember there was talk about gun control coming up then. Now it's 30 years later. I think it's absolutely not only appropriate but overdue to have a dialogue ... When I was driving along the street the other day in L.A., I saw two billboards where guns were featured prominently ... with a pleasant, happy-looking young couple ... My thought was: 'Does my industry think guns will help sell tickets?' ... It seems like a question worth asking my own industry. And maybe there's a reason, maybe yes [is the answer to the question]."

Finally, a respected voice of reason from the show business community!
Jan 18, 2013 1:10PM
When little kids laugh to see a severed arm or blood spatter from high velocity bullet spray, what do you think is going to happen?  We are desensitizing children to death and the destruction of  human flesh.  They think it's funny.  When you see something every single day, after a while it isn't shocking any more, it's just normal.  Nobody feels bad, nobody cries. What are they supposed to feel?  They feel nothing because it is accepted to feel nothing.  Most people grow up and know the difference between the fake and the real, but troubled people have trouble with the difference between video games and reality and movies and real life.  Just because you put a rating on a movie doesn't mean that children don't see it, they see it everywhere.
Jan 18, 2013 12:35PM

 In old movies every actor is chain smoking, nowadays it's every drug in combination of gang violence, or just violence for the sake of it.

I would rather see naked female bodies than every actor firing an unlimited amount of bullets.

Movies should carry an X rating if violence is in the plot.

Plots should have more substance than simulated gunshot, and reloading sound effects.

Jan 18, 2013 2:09PM

Canada, Japan, England and numerous other countries have access to the same films and games as the US, hell...some of those they turn out in those industries are far, far worse. It's not games, film or music that are to blame, it's our society...period. When a parent can no longer punish their children without reprisal from state authorities, or are too lazy to take interest and allow their kids to do whatever they want and lay blame elsewhere but upon themselves, well then there is a far larger problem. I love how it went from blaming the gun industry and lack of mental health care to the entertainment industries, it shows the short comings in this country, a nation of amnesia which blames others and never themselves.


Now I get it....When he was making his money off Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid and the Sting amongst many others, gun violence was ok....


Wow, its really an awesome thing to be able to live your life and career one way and the end of your life, start to wonder wheter or not those types of roles/pictures are acceptable.


I used to like this guy, Paul Newman would never act like this.

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