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©AP / Jamie Foxx
© AP / Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx: Spike Lee's 'Django Unchained' criticism is 'irresponsible'


Jamie Foxx has blasted Spike Lee's "irresponsible" criticism of his acclaimed new movie "Django Unchained," insisting the director has no right to comment on a film he hasn't seen.

Bing: 'Django' garners criticism, acclaim

The slavery-era Western, which is nominated for five Academy Awards, has sparked controversy for its repeated use of racially-charged insults and Lee recently vowed to boycott the movie as such language is "disrespectful" to his ancestors.

However, Foxx has questioned the validity of Lee's criticism, telling British newspaper The Guardian, "The questions for me is (sic): Where is Spike Lee coming from? ... I mean, I respect Spike, he's a fantastic director. But he gets a little shady when he takes shots at his colleagues without looking at the work. To me, that's irresponsible."

The actor goes on to defend the movie's director, Quentin Tarantino, and insist the entertainment industry has always pushed the boundaries when dealing with the sensitive issue of race. "You got to look at the individual cases," he said. "When Pat Boone covered Little Richard, you think, 'Huh?', he's got no affinity for it ... But you can't tell me that Eminem ain't (sic) hot 'cos he's white or that Elvis Presley isn't a bad motherf-----, or that Quentin Tarantino can't do whatever he likes, 'cos damn straight he can."

Jan 18, 2013 8:18AM
Well, I guess it's who says what about who and what!  Wish there was a rule book for all of this stuff!  I don't know when I can give my opinion or what my opinion should be or will it be politically correct!  I guess I'll wait to hear what TMZ says so I'll know what I can say.  Honor other people's opinions but only if I agree seems to be the rule now!  Just can't keep up!!
Jan 18, 2013 8:17AM
We all know what Spike Lee is all about, he's the most failed director in Hollywood, he destroyed his talent by succumbing to his own racism against others. He's a fantastic director, Hitler was a great public speaker, everyone has things they are good at, getting along with the rest of the human race is not something Spike is good at.
Jan 18, 2013 8:16AM

Why does anyone care what Spike Lee thinks? Just because he likes "x" shampoo we are supposed to like it too?


All this is, is a dumb wanna-be publicity gimmick to get certain people into the limelight for obvious purposes. And the masses eat it up while the big-wigs laugh all the way to the bank.


Yup, keep "Django Unchained" a current topic.  Yes, remind us that "Spike Lee" is a director, probably with a new movie debuting soon, so he will be relevent and sell more tickets.


Masses, keep posting & talking about it all, keep it fresh in our minds, keep it current and relevant.


Meanwhile Quentin & Spike see bigger and bigger royalty checks.


Who was it that said "there is no such thing as bad publicity..."


Probably someone who had monster royalties!

Jan 18, 2013 8:15AM

What a couple of  bags. I wonder what Foxx's "lord and saviour" Barack Obama thinks.

Why does anyone give these egomaniacal, loons the time of day?

Jan 18, 2013 8:15AM

Come On, MSN...This isn't a blast.


Golly Gee...Hate towards Spike Lee on this board.


Golly Gee...A black actor who is gains financially from the movie is defending Tarantino.

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