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Jessica Chastain in 'Zero Dark Thirty"
© AP / Jessica Chastain in 'Zero Dark Thirty'
Ed Asner and Martin Sheen call for Oscar voters to ignore 'Zero Dark Thirty'


Actors Ed Asner and Martin Sheen are urging Oscar voters to boycott "Zero Dark Thirty" over the film's torture scenes.

The film, which shot to number one at the box office over the weekend, and star Jessica Chastain are both up for Academy Awards next month, but many film fans have been turned off by director Kathryn Bigelow's decision to include graphic scenes of U.S. intelligence chiefs waterboarding and humiliating detained alleged terrorists for information.

Bing: 'Zero Dark Thirty' controversy

Asner and Sheen have joined a list of actors protesting the movie because of the torture scenes. "I would like to condemn the movie," Asner told the New York Times. Asner and Sheen are asking Oscar voters to "factor in matters of conscience when casting awards votes," the report says.

Bigelow and screenwriting partner Mark Boal have also come under fire from top politicians, who fear the torture scenes in the film were created using classified information about the techniques used to extract information from detainees.

In the movie, one terrorist character was stripped in front of Chastain's CIA Agent and forced to crawl around on all fours like a dog. In another scene, water is poured over a damp cloth placed over his nose and mouth during an interrogation in what has become known as waterboarding and depriving the victim of oxygen.

Chastain is a favorite to win the Best Actress award at the Oscars after picking up Critics' Choice and Golden Globe accolades.

Jan 15, 2013 9:00AM
Ok, I'm not sure why everyone keeps yelling "Liberals!" here. If they were a Liberal they would want the whole world to know about how the US tortured, and continues to torture, accused terrorists. They would be encouraging people to see the film, not protest it. However, the fact that these actors are claiming that this film is offensive is comical. Aren't they the first to scream free speech and "it's art"? Not Liberals...hypocrites.
Jan 15, 2013 8:57AM
They are self proclaimed Socialist's. What the hell do they think their hero's Stalin. Lenin, Chavez. Karl Marx, Castro and they other noted Socialists' in History do to their own people. But I guess it is ok to torture in the name of Socialism.
Jan 15, 2013 8:57AM
Talk about misperceptions, contradictions and outright stupidity, and I'm just referring to most of these posters with their delusions of RIGHTEOUSNESS. Hey, Jackholes (and that includes sad old Ed and Marty), American politicians and bureaucrats endorsed ABUSE AND OUTRIGHT TORTURE techniques in total violation of the Geneva Convention and that silly little thing called human decency. Why these dopes are advocating boycotting a film about actual circumstances is rather bizarre. Why instead aren't they petitioning the world court, the war crimes tribunal at the Hague instead? Even your right wing pseudo hero REAGAN would have been appalled at these abuses and would have had Dickehead Cheney arrested. That's a guarantee. It always makes folks feel uncomfortable when they see their fuzzy flag waving patriotism sullied with the realities of STATE SANCTIONED MURDER. Perhaps that's why they call it WAR. I don't see Eddie and Marty getting all puffed up over the deaths of at least 75,000 children in Iraq. That's right, 75,000 kids blown to bits, literally, in the name of an oil supply and Halliburton. Now is that a GOOD THING?
Jan 15, 2013 8:48AM

Who cares what actors think about anything? Seriously. They are muses, they're here to dance and sing and play pretend for our amusement like a sock puppet. And if they were asked to carry a lunch pail to work every day and build or repair or design something what would happen? They'd be bad at it all the while daydreaming about how much they would like to play act in a TV show or play, or movie.


Man up America, actors are not here to be listened to about anything beyond their character's words, which by the way come from writers.  

Jan 15, 2013 8:47AM
So - two Hollywood actors get a bunch of attention for focusing attention on a Hollywood movie.  Doesn't the public ever wise up and get tired of the dog & pony show?  It's so self-aggrandizing and tiresome for people like me who don't give a rat's patootie.
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