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©AP/ L.A. Reid
© AP/ L.A. Reid
L.A. Reid: Quentin Tarantino should be more 'sensitive' to American history


Music mogul Antonio 'L.A.' Reid has waded into the controversy surrounding Quentin Tarantino's latest movie, "Django Unchained," saying the director should have been more sensitive in his use of racially-charged language.

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The film, which stars Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio, has sparked debate over repeated use of racial slurs. "The X Factor" judge says he enjoyed the film, but felt Tarantino should have been more been more careful when addressing such a "painful part of American history."

He tells New York Post's gossip column Page Six, "'Django Unchained' is a powerful story and incredibly entertaining movie. The performances are all stellar, particularly Leo DiCaprio's and Samuel L. Jackson's. Jamie Foxx was also very strong. One criticism: Although the n-word was unfortunately used liberally during the time the film depicted, I felt Q.T. [Quentin Tarantino] should have approached the use of the word more sensitively and used it a lot less ... It's a painful part of America's history and still an open wound."

Reid is not alone in his criticism -- director Spike Lee recently vowed to never see the film because of the controversial language and themes.

Jan 8, 2013 4:32AM
I don't understand this, I am an Black American and  I feel why should our history be sugar coated that was the language used during that time, why should he sugar coat it. You either tell the right way or you don't. We have become politic correct when telling about Black history . I love the movie and I think is was great language and all. Peace 
Jan 8, 2013 8:24AM

Lady  Mo is 100% correct. No movie can be horrible enough to capture the real nature of slavery. It is like touring an old southern plantation and being told the little shacks in back are where Plantation employees lived.

It would be too harsh for the PC world to be told thats where slaves were forced to live while being beaten ,starved whipped and raped by their slave owning masters.

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