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©WENN / Christopher Nolan
© WENN / Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan: Superman is more challenging than Batman
By Marc Bernardin,  The Hollywood Reporter

Sending Superman aloft again is a tougher task than resurrecting Batman, contends Christopher Nolan, who is producing Warner Bros.' "Man of Steel," which director Zack Snyder is readying for a June 14 release.

"Zack was the perfect man to take this on," Nolan says. "He is unbelievably skilled at creating a coherent, cohesive world -- whether it's a very stylized world, like '300,' or something that's more challenging, more varied, like he did with 'Watchmen.'"

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Nolan added: "In my honest appraisal, taking on Superman and creating that world is far more difficult than creating the world of the Dark Knight. He has a lot of finishing to do on the movie -- it has a very long postproduction schedule because, unlike Batman, Superman flies.

"I actually feel guilty talking about it because I'm sitting here having nothing to do to it," he concluded. "I try to be as supportive as I can, and I'm just amazed by what he is doing. It's not something I would know how to do.

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Dec 28, 2012 9:08AM

there hasn't been a good Superman since the 2nd Chris Reeve movie, three was taken over by Richard Pryor, 4 just plain sucked as did everything past that point. every one wants a "dark superman" who came up with that drivel? maybe the makers of the new movie want it but I don't know anyone else that does.


Why do these idiots that make movies want to turn everything into a dark, morbid experience? 


I', waiting for the remake of Merry Poppins so I can see them change her into secretive old witch that eats babies, is a drug addict and plots to destroy the world with evil magic.

Dec 27, 2012 11:53PM
It looks like a "dark" Superman movie - something fans have wanted for a long time.  It would be very interesting to see him wear the black "S" emblem like he did once in the comics - for remembering victims that he couldn't save - the one time when Superman couldn't be there.  Give him an edge and don't make him the old boy scout - Kryptonian - with a all too human weakness - and that will make it a success. 
Dec 27, 2012 11:58PM
iron man 3 will make everyone forget about superman
Dec 27, 2012 9:59PM
Superman is just the worst hero.The character is so shallow.Give him krytonite and let him die.But if anyone can do a good job with it ,It's Nolan.
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