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Mark Wahlberg
© AP/ Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg treating 'Transformers 4' as though it's his most important role


Mark Wahlberg says his part in the next "Transformers" film will be the most important role of his career.

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The actor is teaming up with his "Pain & Gain" director, Michael Bay, for the fourth installment of the action franchise, which previously starred Shia LaBeouf, and Wahlberg is determined to leave his mark on the series. He tells movie website Coming Soon, "I'm really excited about 'Transformers.' Michael Bay and I just did 'Pain & Gain' and we had such a good time making it. He came to me and said, 'I'm kind of doing a whole different reboot on 'Transformers.' Are you interested?' I said, 'Yeah, I'll do it!' I loved the idea, and I think we can make something really cool and kick-ass.

"This is not something where it's already established and I'm just in there to get a paycheck. I'm thinking this is the most important role of my career and I can do something really special."

"Transformers 4" is set for release in 2014.

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