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©Samuel L. Jackson / AP
© Samuel L. Jackson / AP
Samuel L. Jackson: Violent movies are not to blame for school shooting


Samuel L. Jackson has waded into the debate over U.S. gun control laws by saying violent movies should not be blamed for atrocities such as the Connecticut school shooting.

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He tells the Los Angeles Times, "I don't think movies or video games have anything to do with it. ... I don't think it's about more gun control. I grew up in the South with guns everywhere and we never shot anyone. This (shooting) is about people who aren't taught the value of life. ... We need to stop deranged people from getting access to guns."

A slew of stars, including Cher and Cyndi Lauper, spoke out in the aftermath of the devastating shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown on Friday to urge politicians to tighten firearms laws to prevent another shooting rampage. The shooter, named as Adam Lanza, 20, was reported to have turned his weapon on himself after killing 20 young children and seven adults, including his own mother.

"24" star Dennis Haysbert has also addressed the subject of violence in movies, insisting films simply reflect what is going on in the world. Haysbert, whose new release, "LUV," features a young boy who is taught how to shoot, believes action needs to start with the politicians in Washington, D.C., and their dealings with officials from the National Rifle Association before another tragedy occurs.

He tells WENN, "What we have to do is we have to really seriously deal with the gun culture we're saddled with. It's the culture in which we live. It starts with the congressmen. We need to enact some strong legislation and stop taking the money from the NRA and lining their pockets with it. This has always happened. How many tragedies do we have to endure? Whether it's the theater in Colorado or Columbine also in Colorado -- and Newtown, Connecticut, has some of the most stringent gun laws in America. But yet we still have a tragedy like this. I mean, come on, kids 5 to 10 years old! Really?! If this doesn't shake up Washington and shake up state legislation across the country, I don't know what will."

Dec 17, 2012 10:33AM
It is a tragedy people are killed like this, but stop blaming movies, games, or any other object. Blame the person or persons that did it. We don't blame cars for drunk drivers. A man killed 3 with a bow and arrow just last month are we going to make tougher bow and arrow control laws? blame the person who did this. 
Dec 17, 2012 12:40PM
We've taken God out of our schools and for the most part, out of our lives.  People have very little, if any, morals anymore.  And yes, I do blame the violent movies, tv shows and video games.  But I also parents who spoil their kids rotten, not making their kids accountable for their actions.  Having tougher gun control laws will not stop the criminals!  If that happens, then only the criminals will have guns.
Dec 17, 2012 10:05AM

I am not sure I agree with Mr. Jackson.... It is true guns have been around for a long time and we never had this.... so it has got to be something more than having guns available.... It is culture pure and simple,,, reality tv., video games, instant fame, tv..,... Connecticut has some of the strictest gun control laws?  Then obviously it aint about the laws!

Dec 17, 2012 12:32PM
I have often wondered about this--if violent movies watched repetitively cannot influence or change viewer behavior, than why do advertisers think ads on TV work?
Dec 17, 2012 12:33PM
you air head. media and music cause more damage than a deranged kid. just look at gangsta rap and the thousands of kids who live by what they hear in it, or the media with a 24 hour drumbeat of info on this stoking the flames of the next crazy person. this has more to do with mental healthcare than gun control which democrats as usual are trying to exploit a tragedy.
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