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Depardieu reportedly surrendering French passport

PARIS (AP) — A French newspaper is quoting actor Gerard Depardieu as saying he is turning in his passport after insults from France's Socialist prime minister for taking up residence in tax-friendly Belgium.

The Sunday weekly Le Journal du Dimanche published an open letter attributed to Depardieu in which the actor chides Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault for calling him "pathetic" and "unpatriotic" last week for moving to Belgium to escape French taxes.

"I leave after paying 85 percent of my revenue in 2012," the letter says. "I turn into you my passport and (my) social security card which I have never used."

Depardieu, who turns 64 this month, has made more than 100 films.

The Belgian village of Nechin — Depardieu's new home — has drawn other high-earning French residents.

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Dec 16, 2012 2:25PM
This is what happens when stupid governments tax the success out of successful people. They leave and take their success and money with them. Socialism sucks.
Dec 16, 2012 4:11PM
Hats off to you Gerard.I'd have left years ago.What a rip to steal most of the money you make,just because you're successful.
Dec 28, 2012 5:32PM
I am not surprised at Gerard's actions...except to say he should have done it long ago. I am disgusted with the loser politican Jean-Marc for trying to publicly mock the actor, though. Maybe it would be more productive to take a look at the successful people fleeing the country and find a more equitable way to make them want to stay, like perhaps DOING HIS OWN JOB. Making sure that France is prosperous enough not to need to sit like parasites on the necks of the successful and drain their lifeblood to keep it's own unwieldy social policies in effect would be a place to start. Meanwhile, Gerard is more famous and beloved internationally as a simple actor than the leader of France is on his most popular day. No surprises here.
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