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©'Top Gun' / Paramount Pictures/AP
© 'Top Gun' / Paramount Pictures/AP
Tom Cruise's 'Top Gun' getting 3-D makeover for exclusive IMAX run
By Pamela McClintock ,  The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter -- Tom Cruise's 1986 classic "Top Gun" will be released in select Imax theaters on Feb. 8, after being converted to 3-D, Paramount said Tuesday.

The six-day exclusive run precedes the film's debut on Blu-ray.

Under the supervision of the late Tony Scott, who directed the film, "Top Gun" was remastered from high-resolution original negative scans and painstakingly converted to 3-D by Legend3D.

Produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer, "Top Gun" grossed more than $350 million worldwide. It also stars Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards and Meg Ryan.

Before Scott's death in August, he and Cruise were pursuing a "Top Gun" sequel for Paramount.

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Dec 12, 2012 11:59AM
Maybe they can call it "Top Drone."
Dec 12, 2012 11:33AM
Why? It wasn't that good the first ime .
Dec 12, 2012 11:09AM

Great now recast it and shot the new pic in 3D and hurry the F14 Tomcat has been retired and the USS Enterprise is about to be retired......and does the middle east have an Air Force anymore?

 Just kidding I could careless it was truly a stupid movie with some killer tunes thrown in.

Now Heartbreak Ridge was way better !

Dec 12, 2012 10:50AM
Conveting to 3d is not true 3d. It is fake and does not look the same. This movie was not that good the first time.
Dec 12, 2012 10:02AM
I rather they remaster classics then attempting to remake them because they always flob.
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