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Katt Williams
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Katt Williams: I'm retiring from stand-up


Embattled comedian Katt Williams has announced his retirement from the stage just a day after he was arrested for his part in a vicious bar fight in Seattle, Wash.

The arrest is the latest in a long line of legal woes for the funnyman, and it appears to have taken the fun out of his career. In a rambling interview with KOMO TV on Monday night, Williams announced his current stand-up tour has been cancelled -- and he is planning to retire from stand-up.

Bing: Katt Williams sued by fans

The actor and comedian said, "I'm just gonna go ahead and announce my retirement from stand-up, I'm kinda done. I've discussed it with my kids, I wasn't gonna do (it) in the middle of a Seattle street, I was going to go to Los Angeles and do it in the offices of ICM (talent agency) or Live Nation (event promoters)."

Williams also told the reporters he had been kicked out of four Seattle hotels in recent days, but didn't explain further. He also joked that he was considering buying the up-for-auction Washington State Ferry Rhododendron so he had a place to stay. He said, "I can stay (on the ferry), and my family can be there, and my dogs can be there, and my whole staff can be there until we get done suing Seattle for this $50 million that I want for crippling my reputation as a father, and a black man, and as a taxpaying citizen, and as a person who is not a convicted felon."

Williams was released from jail early on Monday, following his arrest at the World Sports Grille on Sunday. He was booked for charges of assault, harassment and obstruction. It has since emerged that he was also involved in a fight with three fans on Friday after they forced their way into his dressing room before a show.

Dec 4, 2012 7:36PM
I'm sorry.  But fool please!  You destroyed your own reputation!  You are a funny azz individual but you let your 5mins of fame have you thinking you were as famous as Richard Pyror or Eddie Murphy.  You got lost in your own teeney tiny head.  Stop blaming everybody and take a look in the mirror dumb-azz!!
Dec 4, 2012 6:51PM
Dec 4, 2012 7:24PM
He's going to sue Seattle" for crippling my reputation as a father, and a black man, and as a taxpaying citizen, and as a person who is not a convicted felon." ?  Kat, you've done all that yourself. You had the chance to be a great entertainer, you had "the gift" of being able to make people laugh, to make people happy. This included your family, your children and yourself. You screwed that up Kat, not the city of Seattle. Stand on a chair and look in the mirror, there stands the man who screwed up your life!
Dec 4, 2012 6:42PM

i think he should change his name to jack ****

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