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Gabriel Aubry is reunited with his daughter after fight
Halle Berry's ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry has been reunited with his daughter for first time since a nasty Thanksgiving Day (22Nov12) fight with the actress' fiance Olivier Martinez. Aubry and Martinez clashed outside Berry's Los Angeles home and the Monster's Ball star obtained a temporary restraining order to keep her former partner away from her and their four-year-old child, Nahla. The protective order expired on Thursday (29Nov12) and Aubry's own restraining order against Martinez was also lifted this week (ends02Dec12), while Berry's lawyer revealed "an amicable agreement" had been reached between the two sides. Tensions have now simmered down enough for Aubry to see his little girl. He was pictured walking in Los Angeles with Nahla on Friday (30Nov12). The bad blood between the trio reportedly stems from a bitter custody dispute over Nahla - Berry wants to emigrate to France with Martinez and take her daughter with her, while Aubry is resisting the move.
Dec 1, 2012 8:54PM

Gabril Needs to move on with his life.   He is using the child to be a thorn in Haley's flesh and the judge is aiding him to do so.  I am not sure why the judge is helping Gabriel but this is a very serious situatuion


Gabriel is just using Nahla to torment haley and possible hoping to get Haley back..  I wonder is Nahla had more melatonin if Gabriel would be ?Z??Z??


I am not sure why the judge is giving. The judge behavior seems personal. Anyway Gabriel is a loser feeding off Haley.


This is only a situation that will only end bad. I fee sad for Miss  Berry. She doesnt make good men choices and the one thing she should have for herself she has to be paying a man to keep.


I wonder if Nahla was dark skin if Gabriel would be as interested in posing as a good father?








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