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Reverend Jesse Jackson arrested
Civil rights activist Reverend Jesse Jackson was arrested on Wednesday (24Oct12) for criminal trespass after joining protesters at the site of a doomed Illinois factory. Jackson was taken into custody alongside a dozen workers for alleged civil disobedience at the Sensata Technologies plant, which manufactures and sells sensors and controls for auto companies. The Baptist minister marched onto the property in Freeport holding a banner reading "Full Severance" in reference to the company's decision to relocate its manufacturing to China, costing 170 jobs. Jackson was taken to the Freeport Fire Station for processing and after being released, he insisted the protests will continue next week (beg29Oct12) with greater numbers. He tells, "This is the essence of the American struggle. The fight to keep our jobs. This is not a fight for severance pay; it's a fight for the salvation of our jobs. "There is a war going on today for the soul of our nation. We're at the heart of that war. We have a military surplus; the Chinese have a trade surplus. We have the guns, they have the jobs. It's not a good trade off. There is something painful about this struggle. "Now, you're looking at an economic terrorism. If you use your most basic right, your right to fight back, if you use that right, they'll threaten to fire you... You vote in a democracy to be protected from terrorism."
Nov 5, 2012 10:41AM
Bill Clinton sold us down the river to China and Russia.  I wonder if that was for a position as UN President? Hmmm.  Anyway, I have to agree with the Rev. Jackson as far as the jobs go.  They have neen outsourced to China, Taiwan, India, etc.  When the people here in the U.S. finally 'wake up' they will realized that have been sold as 'slaves'.
Nov 4, 2012 2:08PM
As badly as we need jobs in this country it is a shame and a pity to hear that companies still ship jobs to other countries.I'm glad Rev.Jackson stood with those workers who were losing their jobs.
Nov 1, 2012 3:26PM
Is the solution bankrupting the company?  Perhaps, they can grow to the point of producing new jobs back in the US.  If it is economically rational why wouldn't they stay where they are?
Oct 31, 2012 12:22PM
Mr. Jackson....go talk to Obama and discuss with him that if you want to tax small business as well as take away tax loops for big corporations and levy a higher tax on the rich...they will move their business elsewhere....I can't blame them for that....if I had alot of money and my corporation pays several million already inspite of the tax breaks and now the govt wants my company to pay more well I would do the same thing.  After all it is nothing personal against the govt or the citizens of the is just good business sense to take my money else where of my choosing....but I am only lower middle class and I don't see alot of people who make less than $250,000 hiring anywhere, do you?
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