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Rob Pilatus, left, and Fab Morvan in 1989
© Bernhard Kuhmstedt / Vanit / Retna Ltd.
Milli Vanilli movie planned


A film based on the rise and fall of German pop duo Milli Vanilli is reportedly in the works.

The group, comprised of Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan, was a huge hit in the late 1980s and early '90s, spawning hits like "Girl You Know It's True" and "Blame It on the Rain," and even winning a Grammy for Best New Artist in 1990.

But they fell out of favor after it was discovered that they lip-synched to another group's voices. The duo eventually handed back their Grammy.

Now, German director Florian Gallenberger is set to take on a big-screen biopic about the pair, reports No release date has yet been set for the movie.

Following their downfall, Pilatus served time in jail for robbery, and, in 1998, on the eve of their potential comeback tour, died of a drug overdose.

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