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Report: Arrest linked to Corey Haim's death

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Police have arrested a suspect tied to the prescription-drug ring linked to Corey Haim's death, E! Online reports.

The California Attorney General's office hasn't released any details on the arrest, but they have confirmed that they have apprehended one suspect in connection with the group.

Last week, authorities said actor Corey Haim had a fraudulent prescription when he died that was linked to a major drug ring.

The California Attorney General's Office said it was investigating the drug ring and how Haim obtained the prescription.

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Coroner's officials in Los Angeles County, where Haim died Wednesday, say four prescription drug bottles in the actor's name were found in an apartment where he collapsed.

The coroner's office has declined to state what medications were found, but said no illegal drugs were discovered.

Haim battled addiction for years. He gained fame after starring in 1980s flicks "The Lost Boys" and "Lucas."

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