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Angelina Jolie
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Got Sex?
Angelina Jolie tires of leading
a chaste life. Plus, Aguilera foams over polystyrene plastic

by BeatBoxBetty

Who has all of Hollywood yet again sitting up straight and drooling? Returning to the big screen with "Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life" and what should be illegal amounts of sex appeal, Angelina Jolie has officially become Tinseltown's perfect woman.  Both men and women adore her, and she's never hidden the fact that she too adores both men and women. Children stop mid-meltdown to gaze at her, and I swear I've seen dogs twist their heads when she's on the tube.

So you'd think that after saying adieu to Billy Bob Thornton this sexy and heavily sought-after star would have a long list of lovers on hold. But get this: Angelina claims she hasn't had sex for a year.

On "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno, the sultry star confessed that she was not only currently single, but that she hadn't been dating anyone this year. Whew, I knew those Nic Cage stories were a false alarm! "I haven't had sex for over a year," she told Leno.  "It's horrible -- God help the next person. I'm looking forward to the next time of course, but for now I'm just happy being a mom."

At Monday's L.A. premiere for her new film, the Oscar-winning actress continued to stun as she arrived on the red carpet wearing a backless gown that showed off her latest tattoo. And while the five vertical rows of ancient Khmer script etched on her left shoulder blade are meant to ward off bad luck, perhaps they're also protecting her from getting nookie from numbskulls too!

Christina AguileraChristina the Conscious
Here's a warning for all you budding Martha Stewart-types out there ... if you ever have Christina Aguilera over for dinner, make certain you do not pack up the leftovers in Styrofoam. I repeat, do not hand her anything made out of polystyrene plastic.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the singer had a major meltdown at a posh Hollywood eatery recently, when she asked waiters for a doggy bag but was handed a Styrofoam box. The report claims that after she blew her cork over the fact that such a stylish spot was using such dangerous and toxic material, she tried to explain to the waiter why the stuff is so bad. But alas, the puzzled server barely spoke a word of English, so a disgusted Christina took off without her leftovers.

Uber conservative Web site decided to take a little jab (or is it a stab?) at Christina by telling her she shouldn't worry that the biodegradability of Styrofoam is nonexistent. "After all," the site jokes, "parts of her body may last several thousand years longer than the little plastic food box." Ouch.

But you know what? Christina isn't too far off base. She has every reason to be peeved over the stuff. According to toxins activist groups in California, foods packaged in these type of containers can draw styrene -- a suspected carcinogen -- into the food or beverage, and then into our bodies. Here's something spooky to chew on ... an EPA study found that 100 percent of the people sampled had styrene in their fat tissue. Nice!

Cameron DiazJustin and Cameron Heat Up Florida
It looks like things are getting pretty darn serious for the blonde couple du jour, Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz. Gossip mills are claiming that he is so in love with his new gal pal, he's even flown his mother (Lynn Harless) from her Tennessee home all the way to to Florida to meet Diaz.  A source close to Timberlake told reporters, "This is an official 'meet the parents' summit, Justin's been telling his pals that Cameron's the one -- he wants to make sure he goes about everything the right way."

Recently the two were spotted at the trendy nightclub called Opium and one fellow clubber told the Daily Star, "Cameron was all over him. She was hanging off his shoulder as he ate. They were very touchy-feely." Another source who spotted the two lovebirds at the Mint Lounge said, "Justin showed up the other night with Cameron. They had around 20 people fussing over them and he stayed dancing with Cameron until late." Sounds like a match made in disco heaven, right? Yes, but the only conflicting bit of news is that some insiders are saying that Diaz has also been spotted out and about with her old flame Jared Leto. Could they just be good friends these days? Maybe. Maybe not!

Salma HayekCelebrity Bits and Pieces
While it's been rumored that it could be splitsville for Edward Norton and Salma Hayek, their supposed break-up has been confirmed -- by a child actor on national television!  Eleven-year-old Daryl Sabara spilled the beans this week while promoting the new movie "Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over," in which Hayek is his co-star. He told host Matt Lauer on the "Today" show that in addition to getting "buff" from weightlifting, "I was showing off (to Hayek), you know? She isn't with Ed Norton anymore." Oops. But Lord Lauer stepped in to stifle the conversation by saying, "You're going to get yourself in trouble," and then changed the subject. Um, your check's in the mail, Matt!

The SF Gate is reporting that legendary ladies man Jack Nicholson has found himself yet another leading lady, who not only looks a hell of a lot like Lara Flynn Boyle (if you added a few much-needed pounds on her), but is also less than half his age. The paper claims that the 66-year-old star is now dating 31-year-old actress Amanda Peet. Amanda, who has starred in "She's The One," "The Whole Nine Yards" and "Identity," has reportedly told friends, "I love spending time alone with him." Eeek.

BeatBoxBetty has had her heels firmly planted in Hollywood for over 12 years. In addition to delivering celebrity gossip and news, Betty's interviewed such notables as Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, John Travolta, Mel Gibson and Meg Ryan.
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