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Ashton Kutcher
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Smoked Out
The Bush girls toke out at Ashton's pad. Plus, Bruce OKs Demi's cradle-robbing

by BeatBoxBetty

Ashton Kutcher sure has had his fair share of run-ins with famous women lately. In addition to tabloid claims that he and Demi Moore are an item, he recently pulled a punk prank on singer Pink, making her think that she was going to be busted because her boyfriend had been running a motorcycle chop shop. Har-dee-har-har.

But perhaps his most spooky run-in with the opposite sex happened when President Bush's twin daughters came over to his house for a party and smoked pot -- with the Secret Service within smelling distance! Kutcher tells Rolling Stone magazine that about a year and a half ago, he met Jenna and Barbara Bush at a Nike party. After whooping it up there, everyone ended up at Kutcher's house, although he insisted the Secret Service stay outside.

"So we're hanging out," Kutcher says. "The Bushes were underage -- drinking at my house. When I checked outside, one of the Secret Service guys asked me if they'd be spending the night. I said no. And then I go upstairs to see another friend and I can smell the green wafting out under his door. I open the door, and there he is smoking out the Bush twins on his hookah." Apparently a good time was had by all, but Kutcher thinks that ever since the Bushes' visit the Secret Service has tapped his phone. No word yet from Papa George "Zero Tolerance" Bush on his daughters extracurricular activities.

Bruce WillisBruce Supports Demi
And speaking of Ashton ... Bruce Willis has come out in support of his ex-wife, Demi Moore, claiming he couldn't care less that she's dating Ashton even though she's 15 years older than he is. Bruce, who also has a thing for dating younger women, says he's actually become a friend to the young actor and he's happy that Demi's found a new love.

"We hang out! He's a pretty cool guy," he told BBC Radio 1 News. "Happiness and love is a very intransigent subject, and wherever you can find it, and however you find it, you should go and find it. I'm happy for anyone who finds romance."

Justin GuariniCelebrity Bits and Pieces
Now that the "American Idol" days of stress are over, curly top Justin Guarini gets to pass judgment on talented tykes in "American Juniors." But Justin claims that there is one job he won't take on ever again: performing at bar mitzvahs. "Anybody who knows any 13-year-olds knows that 13-year-olds are like, 'What have you done for me lately?'" he joked. "Actually, that whole thing was so key for me because it kept my dancing and my singing and my interpersonal skills up."

Apparently Kelly Osbourne is a big fan of gossip these days. Ozzy's daughter told Entertainment Today, "I love gossiping about everyone including myself ... Gossip is good. Who cares? You have to worry when people stop gossiping about you, you know? It's only bad when they start involving your family. They can say whatever they want about me." Oh really? What about the rumors that you come from the pampered planet Pluto? Just kidding, Kells. The real scoop is that she just plunked down a cool $1.2 million for a Spanish-style house in the Hollywood Hills that features three spacious bedrooms, an outdoor kitchen and spa. Nice.

BeatBoxBetty has had her heels firmly planted in Hollywood for over 12 years. In addition to delivering celebrity gossip and news, Betty's interviewed such notables as Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, John Travolta, Mel Gibson and Meg Ryan.
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