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Top 5 Crankiest Celebs
See which celebs made the list for the most demanding behavior

By BeatBoxBetty

Back in the day, glamorous Elizabeth Taylor was considered a "Diva" because she wanted all sorts of odd things delivered to her. One such indulgence was located at the Beverly Hills Chasen's restaurant. Rumor has it that back when Taylor was filming Cleopatra she craved their famous chili so much that she had huge pints of it shipped directly to her -- in Rome! But that was small cheese compared to what some stars are asking for today.

So who were the Top 5 naughtiest Divas this year? Who were the real stinkers you just want to take outside and hose down? Here's my list of the top offenders of gross misconduct and grand Diva-dom.

Mike Meyers/WireImage.comTied for 5th Place: Mike Myers and Ricky Martin
You'd never guess it, but when it comes to tantrum-throwers, Mike's your guy. Not only does he have a reputation for being difficult, but he's a perfectionist to boot. Entertainment Weekly reports that those who have worked with him say he is "generous and difficult, a genius and a control freak." There have also been rumored reports that he exploded at a crew member who dared to look him in the eye on the set of Austin Powers. Oh behave! Sharing the 5th Diva slot, Ricky Martin should be grateful he's got a gig, but he sure hasn't shown his humble side lately. Stars Online reports that the Latin hunk kicked up a major fuss and went into hysterics at this year's British Music Awards when (drum roll pa-lease) he didn't get any incense sticks in his room!

Michael Jackson/WireImage.com4th Place: Michael Jackson
Ah yes, the man with the ever-changing face and the ever-shocking public appearances. You know he must be dealing with some heavy stuff if he's dangling babies over balconies and demanding that his status be upgraded from 'megastar' to 'gigastar'. And what was all that brew-ha-ha this past summer over leaving his record label? Calling Sony's Tommy Mottola "the devil" while carrying disturbing signs didn't help his public image one bit.

Britney Spears/WireImage.com3rd Place: Britney Spears
Britney is so demanding while on tour there's actually a five-page doctrine of must-haves that have to be addressed if she's to perform in your home town. Some indulgences include: her dressing room must be stocked with Pop Tarts, cases of Coca Cola, tuna salad, Dorito's, and breath fresheners. It's also been rumored that Britney must have her daily mocha latte from the Los Angeles Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf store, even when she's not in L.A. That means that while on the road, her entourage has to find a way to fly it to her!

Mariah Carey/WireImage.com2nd Place: Mariah Carey
Mariah really sunk to new levels when she attended last year's World Music Awards to collect an award for best-selling artist of the millennium alongside Diva #4 Michael Jackson. She almost had a nuclear meltdown because she thought Michael had more of a superstar build-up than her. And rumored reports out of London claim that she recently she kept motorists waiting in a mile-long traffic jam when she parked her limo illegally so she could apply her make-up. She's also been rumored to have 20 assistants completely redecorate a bathroom toilet because she wanted to use it during an in-store signing.

1st Place: Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez/
The grand Diva award of 2002 has to go to Jennifer Lopez.  In addition to demanding Body Shop body butter be made available to her at any given time of the day and that her sheets have at least a 250 thread count - she recently requested a suite of dressing rooms be decorated in white silk by 11 decorators. There are also reports that she has three personal chefs and that a special high priced perfume is to be sprayed before her entry into a room. But the grand Diva demand list has to be the one she gave hubby to-be Ben Affleck, which includes a $5 million fine if he strays. Insiders told Star magazine that her demands include a requirement that they have sex at least four times a week and a $1 million fine for lying.

Celebrity Resolutions for 2003
Perhaps your New Years resolution is to quit smoking or to spend less time at the office and more time with your family. For most of us, losing those extra holiday pounds tops the list. But what are the stars thinking about changing?

Sandra Bullock is resolving to learn a foreign language, "I'd like to re-discover French," she recently told People magazine. "When I went to school in Germany, we had to take French. But when I came back to the States, I dropped it. I've been around a lot of French-speaking people lately, and I realized I've retained a little of it. So I want to go back and polish up on it." Backstreet Boy Nick Carter told the zine that he'd like to stop partying all the time. "It's game time. Touring is what it is all about, getting out there and showing people what I've got." But for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers star Sean Astin it's all about what he's got and then some. "I really want to try and keep my weight down. I yo-yo back and forth so my New Year's resolution is that I'm absolutely determined to stay at the 155 mark."

But perhaps Star Trek's Patrick Stewart has the most sobering resolution of all, "I'm going to struggle, like all the rest of us, not to get too scared. I read the arts page, the sports page, the business news and only when I am strong enough do I turn to the front page of the newspaper. It is just frightening."

What should our buddy Ben Affleck try to resolve to change in 2003? He should certainly watch his cash flow. While catering to every wish of J.Lo's he's spent a fortune on goodies like a new Ferrari, a $3.5 million house in Beverly Hills, a $25,000 diamond Rolex watch for his gal and a matching platinum Rolex for her lucky mother. Then there's that famous Harry Winston engagement ring that features a gigantic pink 6.1-carat diamond worth a whopping $1.1 million. While I'm sure the credit card companies adore young Ben and he is indeed making millions per picture, his non-stop burning of the Benjamins could land him in some hot water down the road. Just ask Sherman Hemsley, who starred in The Jeffersons from 1975-85. He filed for Chapter 7 protection in Los Angeles this year, claiming more than $6 million in debts. Others who have claimed bankruptcy include Kim Basinger, The Soprano's Lorraine Bracco, singer Toni Braxton, M.C. Hammer and both Burt and Debbie Reynolds.

BeatBoxBetty has had her heels firmly planted in Hollywood for over 12 years. In addition to delivering celebrity gossip and news, Betty's interviewed such notables as Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, John Travolta, Mel Gibson and Meg Ryan.

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