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Catching Up With 'Catching Fire'

A who's who of the 'Hunger Games' sequel

By Martha Brockenbrough
Special to MSN Movies

Let's say you've been too busy reading "Fifty Shades of Grey" to have made it to the second "Hunger Games" book. We understand. Really, we do*.

So that your inner goddess can be ready to watch "Catching Fire" when it hits theaters next year, we've prepared this handy guide to the story's main characters.

The first installment of "The Hunger Games" depicts an America in the future with 12 districts under the thumb of a corrupt and wealthy Capitol that keeps its citizens obedient by forcing two children from each district to fight to the death on television.

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The sequel begins again in District 12, where Katniss and Peeta, victors in the 74th Hunger Games, barely speak because Katniss can't figure out how to ask for an open marriage is confused about her feelings and still haunted by the game. To make matters worse, Katniss is in big trouble with the president. And to top it all off, she and Peeta have to head back into the arena with other surviving victors.

Here's who they'll face, who's helping and who wants them dead.

* We understand that you're crazy.

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