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July 5, 1928 in Depoy, KY
April 3, 1982 in Hollywood Hills, CA
Biography:Lanky, laconic actor Warren Oates made his first stage appearance in a student play at the University of Louisville. Moving to New York in 1954, Oates took a variety of jobs to sustain himself, including a "stunt tester" for the TV audience-participation series Beat the Clock (one of Oates'... Full Biography
John Dillinger (Lawrence Tierney/ Warren Oates/ Johnny Depp) in "Public Enemies" Oh, ol' Jackrabbit...
"In the Heat of the Night" (1967): Few films are perfect, but director Norman Jewison's Academy...
Cults of Personality Every Satanic plot tends to have a cult behind it, and most of them are pretty...
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