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Stephen Dorff
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July 29, 1973 in Atlanta, GA
Biography:Balancing independent film and Hollywood, Stephen Dorff made his name as a versatile actor with a particular talent for playing assorted rebels and villains. The son of composer Steve Dorff, the younger Dorff opted for the acting side of show business instead. Entering the industry as a teenager,... Full Biography
Stephen Dorff in "World Trade Center"
Freida Pinto in "Immortals" (Relativity Media)
Stephen Dorff, Freida Pinto and Greg Bryk in "Immortals" (Relativity Media)
Henry Cavill and Stephen Dorff in "Immortals" (Relativity Media)
Joseph Morgan in "Immortals" (Relativity Media)
Heatstroke (2014) The Motel Life (2013) Zaytoun (2013) Tomorrow You're Gone (2013) Officer Down (2013) Brake (2012) The Iceman (2012) Immortals (2011)
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