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Richard Moll
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January 13, 1943 in Pasadena, CA
Biography:Six feet tall by the time he was twelve, Richard Moll would eventually peak at 6'8". To ward off jokes about his height, Moll adopted the "class clown" pose in school, eventually developing a taste for play-acting. Moving from his hometown of Pasadena to Hollywood in 1968, Moll spent the next... Full Biography
"The Sword and the Sorceror"Release date: April 23, 1982Director: Albert Pyun Synopsis: After his...
Richard Moll at the Creation Entertainment Presents Fangoria's 2006 Weekend Of Horrors
Richard Moll at Milton Berle's 93rd Birthday Celebration
Richard Moll at the Scary Movie 2 Premiere
Jan. 23, 2013, 1:15 AM EST
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