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Patrick Wilson
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July 3, 1973 in Norfolk, Virginia
Biography:Patrick Wilson is the kind of actor whose boyishly handsome good looks make him equally effective in roles that call for characters who are vulnerable, irresponsible, and even menacing. Many moviegoers may not realize that the actor they first caught a glimpse of in a Gap commercial (opposite... Full Biography
Patrick Wilson, left, and Claire Danes in "Evening" (Focus Features)
Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston in "The Conjuring" (Warner Bros....
Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga in "The Conjuring" (Warner Bros. Pictures)
Ron Livingston, Lili Taylor, Patrick Wilson and John Brotherton in "The Conjuring" (Warner Bros....
Patrick Wilson in "The Conjuring" (Warner Bros. Pictures)
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