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John Carpenter
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Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Composer (Music Score), Executive Producer, Actor
January 16, 1948 in Carthage, NY
Biography:A director whose quick-witted and full-blooded approach to genre filmmaking has won him both mainstream success and a cult following, John Carpenter was born in Carthage, NY, in 1948. When he was young, his family moved to Bowling Green, KY, where his father served on the music faculty of Western... Full Biography
13) 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' (1956) Like the John Carpenter version of "The Thing," this is...
14) 'The Thing' (1982) This isn't the first time that director John Carpenter remade a Howard...
25) 'Starman' (1984) In which John Carpenter, the director of such relentless, perhaps even...
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