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Goldie Hawn
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Executive Producer, Actor
November 21, 1945 in Washington, DC
Biography:A goggle-eyed, ditzy blonde, Goldie Hawn's looks alone make her a natural for the kind of breathless comedy in which she originally made her name. Though she has built a lucrative career with her screen persona of a vivacious, giggly, and befuddled naif, Hawn's onscreen antics conceal her real-life... Full Biography
Diane Keaton and Goldie Hawn, filming "Town & Country" in New York
Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton
Goldie Hawn
Goldie Hawn
Goldie Hawn
June 30, 2014, 8:19 AM EST
Musical of 'First Wives Club' rewritten by Linda Bloodworth Thomason heads to Broadway
Oct. 5, 2013, 7:19 AM EST
Goldie Hawn, Kenneth Cole, Linda Evangelista attend star-studded AIDS gala in Brazil
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