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Brian Dennehy
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July 9, 1938 in Bridgeport, CT
Biography:After majoring in history at Columbia University, brawny Brian Dennehy (born July 9, 1938) took a string of odd jobs to pay his way through Yale Drama School, and to afford private acting lessons. His first professional break came with the Broadway production Streamers. In films and TV from... Full Biography
Django, voiced by Brian Dennehy (Buena Vista Pictures)
Brian Dennehy voices Babe Ruth in "Everyone's Hero."
Brian Dennehy in "Righteous Kill" (Overture Films)
Clockwise from left: Al Pacino, Brian Dennehy and Robert De Niro in "Righteous Kill" (Overture...
Tommy Tune and Brian Dennehy
Feb. 3, 2014, 10:32 AM EST
Broadway marquees to dim their lights on Wednesday to honor Philip Seymour Hoffman
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