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Bill Murray
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September 21, 1950 in Wilmette, IL
Biography:Of the many performers to leap into films from the springboard of the television sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live, Bill Murray has been among the most successful and unpredictable, forging an idiosyncratic career allowing him to stretch from low-brow slapstick farce to intelligent adult... Full Biography
George Clooney, left, and Bill Murray attend a photocall at the Dorchester Hotel for "Fantastic Mr....
Scarlett Johansson, right, with Bill Murray in "Lost in Translation"
Bill Murray in "The Grand Budapest Hotel" Bing: More about 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' | Watch videos...
Bill Murray and director Wes Anderson on the set of "Moonrise Kingdom" (Focus Features)
Frances McDormand and Bill Murray in "Moonrise Kingdom" (Focus Features)
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