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Ralph Waite



Feb 13, 2014 11:06PM

The man in the picture above representing grandpa Walton is Will Geer. He played that roll from beginning of show till his death April 22 1978. Edger Bergen played grandpa Walton in the television Christmas move (The Homecoming) before the  series started. The movie with Patricia Neal as mom, Andrew Duggan as dad, Bergen as grandpa & Ellen Corby as Grandma in movie and series, was special. But the series and it's actors were and still are a very beloved representation of the American Heart and Spirit in very hard times. The show still plays on some channels today, Hallmark for one. I loved that show. It helped me to understand my parents and grandparents lives at least a bit better. It's probably hard for most to get a good idea of times before yourselves. That show did it and very well. A loving goodbye to Dad Walton (Ralph Waite), and a you are remembered Grandpa (will Geer) and Ike Godsey (Joe Conley) who died last year.


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