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Chuck Courtney



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Producer, Actor
July 23, 1930 in Los Angeles, CA
January 19, 2000 in North Hollywood, CA
The son of a wardrobe woman at Columbia Pictures, handsome blond Chuck Courtney (born Charles T. Courtney Jr.) is perhaps best known for playing the recurring role of Dan Reid in 14 episodes of the popular The Lone Ranger television series. Courtney was also something of a favorite with veteran low-budget director William Beaudine, who starred him in such fare as Born to the Saddle (1953), an independently produced action melodrama that defied the era's insidious blacklist by also employing Karen Morley, and the terrible Billy the Kid Vs. Dracula (1966). Courtney and John Carradine played the title roles and both were horrendously wasted. Switching from acting to stunt supervising, Courtney later received the coveted Golden Boot Award. Despondent over a lingering and debilitating illness, Chuck Courtney committed suicide in his North Hollywood home. Sons Dustin Courtney and Lincoln Simonds both became stunt men. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi
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