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The best of Mark Wahlberg
The best of Mark Wahlberg

The erstwhile rapper has left his mark on a funky bunch of films

By Kim Morgan
Special to MSN Movies

Mark Wahlberg is a movie star. There's no doubt about that. But he still, at times, feels like an unlikely star, especially of the serious, Oscar-nominated nature. How can we forget his beginnings? He was the hunky Calvin Klein model with those ridiculously ripped abs (in that now-iconic campaign with Kate Moss); he was the "Good Vibrations" Funky Bunch leader ("Feel the vibration. Feel it! Feel it!"); and, for a while, he kind of seemed like the obnoxious brother of Donnie Wahlberg. He was a bona fide star, for sure, but did we ever expect someone named Marky Mark would be nominated for an Academy Award in a Martin Scorsese picture? Uh, no. Well, he dropped the Marky moniker and started acting, and we quickly learned that he was good. Really good. We saw it early on in "The Basketball Diaries" and "Fear," and then one of our greatest working filmmakers, Paul Thomas Anderson, had the smart instinct to cast Wahlberg in his career-defining role, as Dirk Diggler in "Boogie Nights." With the massive success of Wahlberg acting opposite a foul-mouthed teddy in "Ted" last year and his work in 2013's modern-day noir "Broken City," we're looking at our 10 favorite Mark Wahlberg roles. From some surprisingly great early works (yes, we have "The Big Hit" on here) to his more obvious triumphs ("Boogie Nights"), one can see that the guy has been a natural on-screen for a long time. We've been feeling those vibrations, Mr. Wahlberg.

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